Saturday, February 16, 2008

Simple Managed Language Service Sample - MyLanguageService

I read a lot of questions in VSX Forum about how to create custom language service using MPF. Most of askers can't figure out how to do that from VS SDK documentation. Most of them would like to play with the sample. I have prepared a very simple sample of managed language service, which I called just MyLanguageService. I hope it will help you to start developing a new language service.

MyLanguageService is a package for Visual Studio 2005, containing simple managed language service. I have used the latest VS SDK 4.0 RTM for Visual Studio 2005. MyLanguageService sample's functionality is to highlight the custom syntax in the files with .my extension.

MyLanguageService - Simple Managed Language Service Sample

Download the sources here:

Keep in touch and happy extending!


VSX Insider said...

That might be also interesting to read about how to create simple managed project package.

Have a look at "Tutorial: A Simple Managed Project System".

VSX Insider said...

This video might be also helpful: How Do I: Create a Language Service?

VSX Insider said...

Yesterday Hilton Giesenow posted a new video tutorial How Do I: Create a Basic Language Service Using the Managed Babel System?