Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mouse Gestures add-in for Visual Studio

Today I have noticed in the VSX Forum the post about a new add-in for Visual Studio named Mouse Gestures. Now you are able to use mouse gestures in your favorite IDE!

From author's description:

Mouse gesture is a way of combining computer mouse movements and clicks which the software recognizes as a specific command. Mouse gestures can provide quick access to common functions of a program.

For those of you who use Opera or Mozilla Firefox with mouse gesture extension, that functionality is not new. But if you are still not an addict of mouse gestures, have a look at these links explaining what Mouse Gestures are?

Somebody calls himself LKabrt (thanks a lot) has created an Mouse Gestures add-in the Visual Studio, which allows you to use mouse gestures in the Visual Studio IDE. It works with Visual Studio 2005 as well as Visual Studio 2008. The project is available in source and binary forms under the BSD license on CodePlex website.

You can download the latest add-in sources, binaries or installer from Releases section of project on CodePlex.

Keep in touch and happy extending!

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